The Growlery + Pulga

If it seems like we’ve been a bit absent in the last several months, it’s because we have been working non-stop on our first field guide (it’s just days away from being finished!) and planning for our next trip around the Southwest this May/June. 

Since our last trip, we also visited The Growlery in San Francisco and checked in onPulga

The Growlery is a residency in a large, beautiful victorian home in the Haight district of San Francisco. Its self-guided residencies are generally 1-3 months long and founder Jean Chadbourne welcomes artists of all kinds, but has a special place in her heart for street artists, some who haven’t formally exhibited their art before. The Growlery’s mission statement: “To create a free live-work environment for artists and intellectuals that will encourage creative production, discussion, and reciprocal influence among members of our diverse community.”

IMG_8508 (1).jpg

Pulga was our first stop on our Northwest road trip. The tiny historic railroad town had been purchased relatively recently and owner Betsy Cowley was just starting the residency building process. When we returned, the secluded writers cabin and artists’ pink log cabin were set up and ready for artists. Their new website also offers a research residency and retreat opportunities for individuals or groups. Words can’t describe the magic of Pulga, so here are a couple pictures!