Piney wood atlas

The Books


An integral part of Piney Wood Atlas is our series of regional field guides that profile the alternative residencies we visit on our trips. Each residency profile includes conversations with facilitators and artists in residence, photographs of the space, and hand-drawn illustrations detailing our experience. The books also contain travel tips such as thrift stores and alternative modes of travel, as well as residency tips from all kinds of creative folks. Our books are meant to be taken on road trips and adventures, marked up and dog-eared, and used as a resource for future projects. 


So far, we have self-published two books: one profiling 13 residencies in the Northwest US (and one in Canada), and one covering the Southwest, featuring 14 residencies. Both publications also include extras: mini field guides, interviews with artists and organizers, and more.

Piney Wood Atlas is a labor of love, and we spend countless hours putting together this information and presenting it to you in the hopes that you feel inspired to find your place in the residency community. This is a project by artists, for artists, so please feel free to shoot us an email if you'd like to contribute to a book or have any residency connections in a region we haven't covered yet. We would love to hear from you.

Piney Wood Atlas demonstrates the radical way we can be resources for one another in the creative world. This earnest compilation of regional artist residencies not only shines a bright light on alternative and emergent place-based opportunities for artists, but it also humanizes the people that make these projects happen. It’s a map, a guide, and a wonderful story all wrapped up together.
— Mary Rothlisberger

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