Piney Wood Atlas Volume II: The Southwest now available!

Piney Wood Atlas is a collaborative project between artists Carolina Porras and Alicia Toldi. Through a series of road trips across the country, we are visiting and cataloguing small, emerging and unconventional artist residencies. During these trips we tour the spaces, share meals and conversations with the facilitators and artists in order to gather first-hand what it’s like to be a resident. With this information, we are creating regional guidebooks as a resource tool for artists considering attending a residency, organizing their own space, or even for people who have never heard of an artist residency before and want to learn more. PWA is a resource by artists, for artists. It serves not only as a tool but as a platform that accepts contributions and collaborations from artists and facilitators in order to broaden the creative community. Artist residencies changed our lives in so many ways and we want to help people have similar experiences.

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We believe there is a residency out there for everyone, not just traditional artists but any kind of creative thinker. We find it extremely important to focus on spaces that accept applications from all types of people, regardless of age, race, medium, budget, or gender identity. We require spaces to provide both studio and living space, for free or at a low cost. Through our touring, PWA allows us to interact and embed into communities we might not normally visit and this face-to-face conversation is vital in expanding networks and what makes Piney unique from larger residency databases.