Week one

Hello everyone! We have been on the road for just over a week and have visited six amazing residencies:

-A tiny old railroad town, Pulga (CA), whose young owners are currently renovating buildings and creating a residency in a pink log cabin. It’s not quite ready for applicants, but keep your eye on this one!
-A ceramics haven in the woods of Lake County (CA) called Cobb Mountain, where artists stay for at least a year (shorter stays also in the works) to create wood-fired work from native clay. 
-A community hub for creatives in Arcata (CA), Sanctuary offers a wide variety of tools/supplies for workshops and open studios including bike repair, printmaking, sewing, ceramics and more. Located in a former Women’s Building, the space is used for art shows, music and residency space.
-A residency in a hand-built canvas tent in a backyard garden brings us to Portland (OR). Three girls focused on offering an inspiring space to artists have created a week-long residency for out of towners in the Greenhouse and the Garden Residency, a month-long residency offered to Portland artists. 
-Driving through Mt. Hood National Forest (OR), we meet up with Signal Fire, an artist residency focused on bringing artists to natural surroundings. Signal Fire hosts a diverse group of artists on expeditions in nature to educate and inspire. 
-In Spokane (WA), we arrive at a historical brick-clad building downtown that houses Laboratory Residency, a 1-3 month residency for artists working in interactive arts. Tools and resources are offered for artists to explore their projects.

We have five more residencies to visit on this trip! After the trip we will compile all the information into an illustrated book, detailing each space. Also in the book will be camp-site information, cool thrift stores along the way and places to see around the residencies. We also plan on creating an interactive map as a tool for artists. Stay tuned!